sushi, beer & snow

by on 18/04/08 at 6:12 am

sushi, beer & snow

Tonight a group of us went to a Kedoya, A sushi restaurant that serves some of the most original combinations of sushi rolls I have ever tasted. Not only are the prices low, but also pretty large and they come in pieces of 6-8! Rolls like:

* Canada Roll – bacon, avocado, and bacon bits on top
* Princess Roll – Tempura salmon, with mayonaise and avocado on top
* Jumping Roll – deep fried bananas, with strawberry on top and whipped cream with pop rocks

After gourging ourselves with an insane amount of sushi rolls, we headed over to the liquor store (cause in canada they dont sell alcohol anywhere else.. not even beer at 7-11) and look what i found!

OMG! it’s DUDE Beer!

yeah, im not really sure what it would taste like.. but DUDE! haha (im a dork).

We then headed back to the condo and had an awesome Super Smash Brother’s showdown on the wii.. when all of a sudden.. we looked outside and it was SNOWING!!! in freaking mid APRIL!! everyone was like WTF!?

It appears that it snows every time I visit Canada.. must be my superpower…

So after the snow excitement, we played a few rounds of scene it on the xbox.. which is a lot of fun.. and then we went to Fritz and got putine… more on putine later, since I think it deserves it’s own topic… :P

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