Urban Fare

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Urban Fare

Urban Fare is a really fancy grocery store here in Vancouver. Along the lines of Bristol Farms but a bit more pricy.

So there I was looking around at all the cool things this place has to offer and I was in love… this store not only has a HUGE selection of fancy mushrooms that i had not ever seen before, but they also have lots of exotic fruits, cheeses, and veggie. They also have a whole aisle dedicated to Olive oil and vinegar.. i was like OMG!!! i LOVE  oil and vinegar, and being in that aisle was like being in a candy store! oh yeah.. and it was next to their bakery.. so HELLO.. BREAD!!! :)

They also offer freshly made pasta, and plenty of isles of more fancy things… they even had a brand of wated called “BLING” water! it was crazy…

so after putting enough ingredients to make a seafood and veggie dinner.. (which turned out to be like $100 for them) i was pulled out of the store before I did more damage to my wallet!

I only got a few pics of some of the goodies.. so here is a look to some of the cool things i saw. :)

Mystery exotic Fruit

Heavenly Oil & Vinegar Aisle

DragonFruit and StarFruit

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