Bathroom Redesign

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Bathroom Redesign

Drum roll please….

As I had mentioned before, ever since I got to Vancouver I have been working with Mat to redesign his apt.

We have been really busy working on purchasing new things, painting, and overall trying to organize things in a small space. We finally finished the bathroom and the kitchen.. and the other rooms are starting to also take form. Here is the first look of the finished bathroom…

The Problem:

  • I noticed that there was a peanut butter colored tile in the shower, but nothing else in the bathroom carried this color, and it look a bit out of place.
  • Everything was out in the room and very cluttered, and overall it just did not appear to have much of an order
  • There was no extra room for anything and the vitamins were kept in the kitchen due to lack of space in the bathrrom
  • There was a sole image in the bathroom that appeared to be floating on a sea of a plain wall to the left of the mirror

The Solution:

  • Divided the wall by choosing a lighter hue of the same blue to give it more depth
  • I wanted to continue the linear peanut butter tile around the bathroom, so I added moulding with a matched paint color to balance the division of the blues around the bathroom
  • purchased a new light fixture that would be less bright and more visually pleasing
  • purchased a new medicine cabinet to put away all the clutter and bring back the vitamins into the bathroom and away from the kitchen
  • painted the bottom moulding of the walls to continue the peanut butter lines
  • added new handles on the cabinets to match the rest of the towel holders
  • added a nice infuser scent and candles to the top of the toilet area for a more pleasant feel
  • placed the old picture on the wall next to the shower to anchor it into the room and to be seen reflected in the mirror as you walk in

so there ya have it! a new bathroom.. here are some of the after pictures, some with my fish eye lens to try to capture the whole space.

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