Grand Theft Auto 4

by on 15/05/08 at 7:44 am

Grand Theft Auto 4

ok, i’m guilty… i have been completely addicted to this game. Funny thing is that I never played any of the past game series before, and ever since Mat got it.. all of a sudden he and I are staying up til like 4am trying to make sure all of our gangsta friends like us 90% and that all 4 women that call us are happy and dated when they call us up to go get them and take them out. Not only that, but now i am obsessed on finding all the 200 pidgeons that are randomnly all over the game and kill them to get yet another achievemet..

It’s ridiculous and we are out of control.

First I started off being carefull about my driving.. but now i am running everyone over, stealing any cool car that happens to pass by, and shooting at anyone who pisses me off! LOL

so there ya have it.. been a little away based on trying to get the game completed (which btw we are almost done with it.. and we are now working on the 2 different endings). Everyone likes us, we have killed people we have worked with before, and we dont even have to worry about getting to get those 4 girls to like us anymore.

The gameplay itself is pretty good, the story is definitelly interesting with many twists, and lots of fun things to do as side quests. (from pidgeon killing, to assasin quests, to car theft, to unique stunt jumps..). Only thing is that the character themselves are pretty damn ugly.. man.. even the girls we date are kinda scary.. and a bit demanding at times too.. I mean.. HELLO.. i am in the middle of hit woman! stop calling me to ask me to take you out! sheesh!


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  1. Anthony

    Feb 3rd, 2009

    I was just up until 4am this morning playing this game! My wife is pissed! Damn you, GTA4!!!!!

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