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We all know how nasty possums can be in the USA… not only are they pretty damn ugly and gross overall.. but they are also mean and always making hissing open mouth noises when you happen to be nearby. (except when they are flat on the road… eeew)

To the left you will see the ugly american possum, not a pretty sight most of the time..

Last night while on my way to dinner with my new house mate, we were crossing along the park and i saw a little creature running around the grass.. i was like.. what is that? and he was like.. oh its just a possum… I was like OMG EEW! but then…. when we got closer and it actually did not hiss or even seemed bothered that we were close to it.. i saw it up close.. and …

it was cute…

not only does it look more like a squirrel, but it also has these huge eyes and its a lot nicer than its north american cousin… check these out:

I was like… wow… i cant believe they are actually cute! and they happen to just wander around the parks and climb on trees! very odd..

anyway… just wanted to share the possum experience

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